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Message From The PSRC Chair

Gregory Borschel, MD, PSRC Chair
Gregory Borschel, MD
PSRC Chair

Dear PSRC colleagues:

First, a salute to all of us fighting this global pandemic. I hope you are taking care of yourselves as well as your patients. We will get through this by working together to overcome these new obstacles to our mission. Despite the present state of the world, we will be pushing ahead, doing what we do best: solving problems using creativity, teamwork and innovation, the hallmarks of our specialty. Therefore, we will be hosting a set of virtual abstracts to allow PSRC members and presenters the opportunity to share their work with the world. Our leadership is also exploring virtual education for this spring and summer in the form of webinars and e-lectures. More on this, coming soon.

In the meantime, we want to hear your stories. What are you up to? How are you changing your workflow to take care of patients? How are you doing your research activities? Is anyone doing research now? Are you studying some aspect of the pandemic? Send your thoughts to us at and we will post them on our social media platforms.

Talk to you soon,
Gregory H. Borschel, MD

PSRC 2020 Annual Meeting Cancellation Notice

Cancellation notice for the PSRC 2020 Annual Meeting was first released on March 20, 2020.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with unprecedented challenges and disruptions unlike anything we have ever seen. Our laboratories are shutting down, our surgical cases are being cancelled, and our educational activities are being curtailed. Most importantly, you have been busy with the needs of your families during this crisis. The PSRC Executive Committee has made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel its 65th Annual Meeting, which was to have taken place May 28-31 in Toronto, Canada.

We have answered the most pressing questions in these Frequently Asked Questions; if you have further questions or would like more information, please contact the Research Council.

European Plastic Surgery Research Council Meeting 2020, Turku, Finland

Salvatore Giordano, MD, PhD
Salvatore Giordano, MD, PhD
EPSRC Captain 2020
Christine Radtke, MD, PhD, MBA, FEBOPRAS
Christine Radtke, MD, PhD, MBA, FEBOPRAS
EPSRC President

Dear colleagues and friends,
I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe at this time. Like many of you, we have been actively monitoring developments related to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) health crisis. There is no higher priority to us than the health, safety, and well-being of our members, staff, partners, guests, and the community at large. Due to rapidly escalating health concerns, we have decided to postpone the EPSRC Meeting originally scheduled in August 21-23, 2020 in Turku directly to August 2021. The official dates will be available as soon as possible. We hope that we can count of your participation, commitment, and flexibility in this challenging time and we are confident that with your support we will make EPSRC 2021 even greater. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience caused and we look forward to seeing you all in 2021.

Yours sincerely,
Salvatore Giordano, MD, PhD, FACS, EPSRC 2020 Captain
Christine Radtke, MD, PhD, MBA, FEBOPRAS, EPSRC President

Committee Update Mentorship

Arin Greene, MD
Mentorship Committee Chair

The Mentorship Program had another great year of matching mentees with PSRC mentors (44 mentee/mentor pairs). Unfortunately due to the Annual Meeting cancellation there will not be an opportunity to meet in-person and connect, but the committee is looking at virtual ways to connect and will post information as it becomes available.

In addition to a virtual meet-up, Dr. Bernard Lee of Beth Israel and Harvard was selected as the Mentorship Award Speaker for the 2020 meeting and may be able to give his lecture virtually this year.

In other committee news, Dr. Al Hassanein will be taking over for Dr. Greene as Chair of Mentorship Committee. The PSRC sends a heartfelt "THANK YOU!" to Dr. Greene who has elevated and enhanced the Research Council Mentorship Program over the last 3 years during his term as Chair!

Min-Jeong Cho
Min-Jeong Cho
Mooth Saggaf, MD
Mooth Saggaf, MD
Nicholas Berlin, MD
Nicholas Berlin, MD
Jessica Billig, MD, MSc
Jessica Billig, MD, MSc
Read About Our Featured Residents

Ryan C. DeCoster, MD, PhD
Ryan C. DeCoster, MD, PhD

The long-term success of implant-based breast reconstruction is highly dependent on the mechanical properties of the soft tissue envelope used to cover the expander and, ultimately, the implant. Thus, the mechanical stability of the soft tissue envelope is fundamental to the success of implant-based reconstruction. Complication rates of implant-based breast reconstruction in the setting of radiation therapy are as high as 60%, and no effective therapy to date has been developed to reduce the adverse effects of radiation on the surrounding soft tissue. Our study, The Biomechanical Effects of Deferoxamine on Irradiated Soft Tissue, funded by the Plastic Surgery Foundation, is a multi-institutional collaboration between mechanobiologists and plastic surgeons at the University of Kentucky and Stanford University which is aimed at doing just that. Under the mentorship of Dr. Kant Lin, Dr. Tim Butterfield, and Dr. Geoffrey Gurtner, our transdisciplinary team is using quasilinear viscoelastic modeling to determine temporal changes in the passive properties of irradiated soft tissue through modulation of the VEGF/HIF-1a axis using topical deferoxamine, a novel formulation of an FDA-approved iron chelator developed by the Gurtner laboratory. Read More

Mike Longaker, MD, MBA
Mike Longaker, MD, MBA

1. How has the recent COVID-19 pandemic affected your research laboratory?
We've been significantly affected, as I imagine everyone else has. Stanford, like other major universities across the country, has allowed only essential personnel performing essential laboratory functions to come into the laboratory each day. This means a skeleton crew and essentially doing no new experiments. We are not ordering new mice or large animals and simply maintaining mouse colonies and cells. We are also not permitted to start any new animal experiments and all of our protocols are on hold.

2. How do you keep your laboratory researchers productive during this time?
I think there are several ways. First, I encourage everyone to analyze their data. Second, revising manuscripts is still possible because of the new-found time for everyone. Journals continue to accept submissions and reviews can still be done. And third, perhaps putting together review articles/editorials which do not require experimental data. Our group meetings are now weekly by Zoom. This is challenging because the give and take seems more truncated than it is with a normal face-to-face group meeting. Individual phone calls during the week with each researcher are also helpful to maintain direction and focus. Read More

Ben Levi, MD
Ben Levi, MD

Michael Sorkin, MD, Shailesh Agarwall, MD & Ben Levi, MD University of Michigan

In their recent study in Nature Communications published in February 2020, Ben Levi and his group perform detailed single cell analyses elucidating a key mechanistic pathway for the development of heterotopic ossification. Utilizing a novel mouse model of trauma-induced heterotopic ossification, they employed transcriptome analyses to identify distinct monocyte/macrophage populations which produce transforming growth-factor beta-1 and are associated with aberrant chondrogenic progenitor cell differentiation and formation of heterotopic ossification. Intriguingly, they also identify CD47-activating peptides which reduce systemic macrophage TGFB levels and limit heterotopic ossification, highlighting a potentially innovative and meaningful therapeutic approach to modulate monocyte/macrophage activity during wound healing. Read More

Upcoming Dates & Important Deadlines

AAPS, May 2-5 Chicago Postponed, Next Meeting May 15-18, 2021 Miami
Wound Healing Society, May 13-17 San Diego Postponed, Next Meeting 2021
SAWC, May 13-17 San Diego NEW DATES July 22-26, 2020 Charlotte
PSRC, May 28-31 Toronto Postponed, Next Meeting 2021 Cleveland
EURAPS-RC, May 27-28 Athens (GREECE) Postponed, Next Meeting 2021
EURAPS, May 28-30 Athens (GREECE) Postponed, Next Meeting 2021
NESPRS, June 5-7 New Castle, NH Postponed, Next Meeting June 4-6, 2021 Groton, CT
EPRSC, August 20-23 Turku (FINLAND) Postponed, Next Meeting August 2021 Turku (FINLAND)
European Tissue Repair Society, September 17-19, Lyon (FRANCE)
NESPS Annual meeting, September 25-27 Philadelphia
ACS Clinical Congress, October 4-8 Chicago
Barcelona Breast Meeting NEW DATES October 6-9 Barcelona (SPAIN)
ASPS Plastic Surgery the Meeting, October 16-19 San Francisco

Abstract deadlines
European Tissue Repair Society, May 28

Grant deadlines
SUS Resident Research Scholar Awards, May 8
SUS Junior Faculty Research Award, May 8
ACS Resident Research Scholarships, September 16
ACS/SVS Foundation/NIH Research Career Development Award, June 12 / October 12 / February 12

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Derrick Wan
Joseph Catapano, Assistant Editor
Joseph Catapano
Assistant Editor
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Paige Fox
Assistant Editor
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Noopur Gangopadhyay
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Giorgio Giatsidis
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