Plastic Surgery Research Council Plastic Surgery Research Council - Spring 2017 Newsletter
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Howard Levinson, MD, Chair The PSRC 62nd Annual Meeting is only one month away and I am looking forward with great anticipation to welcoming you all to Durham, North Carolina. Tim King and I have planned strong scientific programs and engaging social events, which will take place in the backdrop of the four-star Washington Duke Inn and Hotel and Downtown Durham. The meeting will start with the Local Program which will be hosted at the Reynold’s Theatre in Duke University's Bryan Center on Thursday morning from 8-12am. The Local Program will consist of top notch speakers including Robert Califf, MD, founding director of the Duke Clinical Research Institute and former Director of the FDA; Mark McClellan, MD, PhD, Director of the Duke J. Margolis Center.. Read More


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This past fall the Association for Academic Surgery (AAS) gave two young academic plastic surgeons free registration to the AAS 2016 Fall Courses and the Annual Academic Surgical Congress as winners of an essay competitoin. Congratulations to PSRC members Ben Levi, MD & John Fisher, MD! Both recipients have included a piece on their experience... Read More

PSRC 62nd Annual Meeting

PSRC 62nd Annual Meeting
May 4-7, 2017 in Durham, North Carolina

Register online before the meeting by visiting the PSRC Meeting Page.
The Washington Duke Inn is accepting reservations until Sunday, April 2nd at the group rate of 289 USD. Book here now!

The membership committee has seen tremendous success over the past year. We have witnessed the development of our mentorship activities become formalized into a separate mentorship committee. This committee was an outgrowth of our mentorship program and last several annual PSRC mentorship breakfasts with "champagne toasts". We currently have 618 total members with 219 active and voting members... Read More

The Mentorship Committee has had an active year. We initially ensured that Committee Members were participating in the Mentoring Program by assigning all members a mentee. Improvements to the program were based on survey results from the previous year. The most consistent area for improvement was communication between mentors and mentees (e.g., some mentors expected mentees to contact them and vice-versa). To enhance communication we instituted several strategies... Read More

In the year 2000, the very first design of the Plastic Surgery Research Council website was launched ( Since then, the technology committee has worked diligently to make it a valuable vehicle for both optimizing active member activity and in recruiting new members. To add to our understanding of its value and future potential opportunities for development, we have recently integrated an advanced website analytic system to understand our visitors and tailor the website to suit their needs... Read More

Steve Buchman, MD What was your light bulb moment / turning point into research?
I was involved in research as an undergraduate after getting a Macy Scholarship at Columbia University. I had a great mentor and was lucky enough to find a project that worked out well. The project led to publications in Nature and The Proceedings in the National Academy of Sciences... Read More