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Timothy King, MD, PhD, Chair Friends, Colleagues and PSRC Members: Planning for the PSRC 63rd Annual Meeting is well underway and I look forward to welcoming you to Birmingham this coming May. Justin Sacks and I have been working diligently to make the 2018 program a robust scientific conference. For 2018, the structure of the meeting will be a bit different from past years. Instead of running concurrent abstract sessions there will be a single session. This will allow everyone to attend each session, and hopefully increase the value of the Q&A and discussion time. We have received a strong number of abstracts for the 2018 program, and we are excited about the enthusiasm everyone has to be involved in the PSRC conference! The business meeting will be held at lunchtime on Thursday and the local program on Friday morning at the UAB Hospital. Our program will feature the top papers... Read More


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PSRC/PSF Pilot Research Grant Application Now Available! Application deadline is December 1, 2017.

Congratulations to Dr. Justin Sacks of John Hopkins. The 64th Annual Meeting will be held in Baltimore, MD in 2019.

PSRC 63rd Annual Meeting

PSRC 63rd Annual Meeting
May 17-20, 2018 in Birmingham, AL

Amy Moore, MD Read an interview with Dr. Amy Moore of Washington University as she shares her lightbulb moment and turning point into research, discusses her greatest challenges in her research career, addresses how she finds balance being a surgeon scientists, and outlines how she breaks down her breaks down her time to focus on her research and her team. Dr. Moore also shares her experience in applying for funding, career advice for early career scientists and what she feels PSRC represents to surgeon scientists. Read More

The Plastic Surgery Research Council is the pre-eminent research organization in plastic surgery. Those in the field that value research and the role it plays in the specialty also have a special place in their hearts for the Plastic Surgery Research Council. PSRC's Baronio Fund was created years ago as a way to build a corpus of assets and reserves so that the Research Council may ensure the support of its mission to stimulate fundamental research in plastic surgery. Baronio funds can only be used each year for projects devoted to the improvement and access to research in the field, including grants and scholarships, and to the expansion, innovation, and progression of the Baronio mission. The greater the underlying magnitude of the Fund, greater is the PSRC's capacity to impact both the people that do research and the quality of the research being performed in plastic surgery... Read More