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Dr. Joshua Goldman

Dr. Joshua Goldman Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Las Vegas, NV

Dr. Joshua Goldman
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Las Vegas, NV

Fast Facts:

Where do your clinical and research interests lie?
Advanced reconstruction is definitely my forte and passion, but I perform the entire scope of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. I am part of a growing high volume breast microsurgical program, perform multiple head and neck free flaps per month, and am head of extremity salvage at my institute. My fellowship director @iamdrkc focused on marrying concepts of craniofacial and microsurgical reconstruction. My goal on the research side is to marry the concepts of microsurgical reconstruction and regenerative medicine.

In addition to basic science, my research interest are varied and include physician education paradigms, ethics, patient and physician wellness, and advanced techniques in extremity salvage and craniofacial reconstruction. You can find some of my editorial writing on Doximity, KevinMD, and Medium.

What are your goals in the coming years?
Im currently focused on building new and bolstering existing programs within my institution and for our patient population (lymphedema, multidisciplinary limb salvage clinic, advanced facial reconstruction with ENT/OMFS, and gender affirming services). Obtaining signification grant funding and building strategic partnerships with main campus and industry to develop our innovations process.

Do you have any advice for those who aspire to careers like your own?
My first piece of advice would be to follow your passion; your dedication and success will surely follow.

My second piece would be far more practical in nature. In my first years as an attending physician, I've recognized the limitations of our training in addressing the truest obstacles to providing optimal patient care, which is rarely knowledge or skill, but exists more insidiously in the policy and business aspects of our daily physician duties. Do not ignore these during your training, and if able seek out the opportunity to gain deeper knowledge in these realms; it will empower you to do what you set out to do, which is care for patients.

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