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Dr. Kenneth Fan

Dr. Kenneth Fan Dr. Kenneth Fan - Georgetown University

Dr. Kenneth Fan
Dr. Kenneth Fan - Georgetown University

What made you choose Plastic Surgery?
The innovation and the people. I found myself most inspired when I was around plastic surgeons, particularly when it comes to thinking outside of the box.

What's a fun fact about you?
I skipped high school by going through the Early Entrance program at Cal State LA. While most people don't welcome signs of aging, I do as I've been the youngest for so long!

I make sure to go to the gym at least 4-5 times a week early in the morning. It is my few moments of me time and meditative.

What inspired you to get involved in research?
Ever since undergrad, I have always been interested in asking questions. I always found myself questioning, is there a way we can be doing things better? Over the years, I learned how to frame questions and how to investigate basic science, clinical, and systems level questions.

What are your research interests?
Currently, I am very interested in health care delivery and asking how we can better deliver reconstructive services.

I also lead our oncoplastic breast team. I help guide the breast fellows and students interested in both breast surgery and plastic surgery on research topics.

What is your favorite research article that you have written?
Although I enjoy most if not all my papers, one immediate paper that comes to mind if our paper where we implemented an ERAS protocol for our patients. Clinically, I perform a lot of autologous breast reconstruction. I remember when I was starting out in residency, patients were in the ICU for a week with a PCA pain pump. Now with our protocol, they rarely take narcotics. It's enjoyable referencing this paper, and the body of work preceding it that has had such a dramatic change in how we do things.

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