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Dr. Ashit Patel

Dr. Ashit Patel Ashit Patel, MD
Chief & Residency Program Director
Albany Medical College

Dr. Ashit Patel
Ashit Patel, MD
Chief & Residency Program Director
Albany Medical College

Tell us a bit about yourself:
Grew up in London but trained in Glasgow, Boston, and Nashville. Started at Albany Medical College in 2011 and am the current Chief and Residency Program Director. My practice centers around reconstruction for trauma, skin and soft tissue cancers, and abdominal/perineal conditions.

Why did you get involved in PSRC?
PSRC is dedicated to innovation and excellence in research. Membership allows for networking, mentorship, and an environment of learning and collective growth.

What advice do you have for more junior members?
We stand on the shoulders of giants. Seek out a variety of mentors who not only can provide guidance for your practice, research, and career development, but also life. Donít be afraid to ask for advice and strive to surpass your role models rather than simply emulating them.

What excites you about plastics and your own research?
Plastics is very much in public eye; I am very much interested in understanding how patients learn about what we offer and how they pursure their care. Additionally, we focus on trying to better understand how to best interact with our patients in the digital space.

What are you hobbies?
HUGE Football (Soccer) fan, especially home team West Ham United and F1 racing. Also, I have a penchant for a good Scotch.

Fun Fact:
I came up with a signature drink at the 2019 Albany Food and Wine Festival Gala. The recipe is a secret, but the drink is called the Mumbai Mule.

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