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Dr. Ron Akiki
Ron Akiki, a third-year medical student at Brown University! His family lives in Beirut, Lebanon and he came to the United States at the age of 17 to study medicine. He speaks French and Arabic fluently and a bit of Spanish. In his free time, he likes to cook good food and go biking or skiing.

Ron says that he always enjoyed being in the OR, but it was not until his first semester of medical school that he was first exposed to plastic surgery scrubbing in for a cleft palate repair case with his mentor Dr. Albert S. Woo. He still remembers how awestruck he was by the anatomy, the final result and the impact of the surgery on the patient's life. By the time Ron was a second-year medical student, he had explored the broad array of subspecialties within the field thanks to the amazing PS residents at Brown University.

Ron is excited to be part of the PSRC community, saying that: "it feels great to meet students, residents, and faculty who share my interests."

Dr. Ron Akiki   Dr. Ron Akiki

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