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PSRC 2021 Virtual Meeting

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce our initial plans for the 2021 PSRC Virtual Meeting! Our 2021 program will be held June 7 through 11, 2021. The Research Council will host five, themed evenings of programming which will include top scoring research presentations, quick shot presentations, expert panels, and networking and mentorship events. The Executive Committee is working diligently to make these sessions high quality, fun and entertaining! In addition, the PSRC will again feature a library of virtual research presentations and posters online and on social media. Authors should expect to receive details by email soon.

Moving our meeting to a virtual platform this year has had impacts on the Research Council's standard leadership rotation. The Executive Committee roster will freeze this year and we will resume regular election processes and rotation in 2022. As a result, the age eligibility for PSRC members to run for Vice Chair will be extended by 2 years to allow those interested in running more time to do so during our regular business meetings. This will require a by-laws amendment. Active members should receive notice of this amendment by email within the next few weeks.

I look forward to sharing more details about the 2021 Virtual Meeting with you shortly as we finalize themes, authors, faculty, and other details. Our future meetings will be held in Toronto in June 2022 with Greg Borschel as Chair, in April 2023 in Cleveland, Ohio with Brian Gastman as Chair, and in Boston, Massachusetts in 2024 with Arin Greene as Chair.

On behalf of the PSRC Executive Committee, thank you for your patience, understanding, and support as we continue to navigate this challenging time.

Brian Gastman, MD, Chair, on behalf of the Plastic Surgery Research Council Executive Committee

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