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Baronio Fund

The Plastic Surgery Research Council is the pre-eminent research organization in plastic surgery and holds a special place in the hearts of those who value research and the role it plays in the specialty. PSRC’s Baronio Fund was created years ago as a way to build a corpus of assets and reserves so that the Research Council may ensure the support of its mission to stimulate fundamental research and invest in projects devoted to the access, improvement, and innovation of research in the field of plastic surgery. The Baronio Fund is, by charter, an investment in the future of the organization. The greater the underlying magnitude of the Baronio Fund, greater is the PSRC’s capacity to impact both the people that conduct research and the quality of research being performed in plastic surgery.

Please consider pledging to become a Baronio Paton. Although giving at the highest level as a Baronio Patron amounts to $5,000 or more, it can be paid over several years. Donations as a Gold Patron, Patron or Friend are also welcome. Please contact the PSRC administrative office to discuss pledge options.

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Contributions are tax deductible and donors are acknowledged for their generosity annually in the PSRC program book. Gifts to the Plastic Surgery Research Council will support the organization’s mission to stimulate fundamental research in plastic surgery. Thank you for your support.

Baronio Fund Donor Levels
Baronio Patron ($5,000 and above)
Gregory H. Borschel
Steven R. Buchman
Court B. Cutting
Christopher R. Forrest
Peter J. Gingrass
Ruedi P. Gingrass
Arun K. Gosain
Arin K. Greene
Robert A. Hardesty
Frank Isik
Peter C. Johnson
William M. Kuzon
W.P. Andrew Lee
Eric C. Liao
James W. May, Jr.
Mary H. McGrath
Babak J. Mehrara
Justin M. Sacks
Bernard G. Sarnat
Saleh Mousa Shenaq
Nicholas B. Vedder
William A. Zamboni