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Important Dates & Webinars
Webinar on Mentorship, hosted by the PSRC Mentorship Committee
Monday, October 26, 2020
8 PM ET (7 PM CT, 6 PM MT, 5 PM PT)

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Charitable Donations to PSRC
COVID-19 has presented us all with unprecedented challenges and disruptions unlike anything we have ever seen. The 2020 PSRC Annual Meeting planned for Toronto was cancelled. The Annual Meeting is a primary source of revenue for the Research Council and without taking in this revenue this year, the Research Council is facing a budget shortfall in 2020. Please consider making a charitable donation to help ensure the financial health of the Research Council.

Thank you to the generous members who have supported the Research Council with an unrestricted charitable donation in 2020:

Michael Angel, MD
Stephan Ariyan MD, MBA
Jenny Barker, MD
Michael Bentz, MD
Daniel Boczar, MD
Steven Bonawitz, MD
Gregory Borschel, MD
Juris Bunkis, MD
Joseph Catapano, MD
Paul Cederna, MD
Lawrence Colen, MD
Arthur Condliffe, MD
Demetrius Coombs, MD
Bruce Cunningham, MD
A. Lee Dellon, MD
Michael DeLong, MD
Christian El Amm, MD
Paige Fox, MD, PhD
Jack Fisher, MD
Christopher Forrest, MD
David Frank, MD
Warren Garner, MD
Brian Gastman, MD
Aviram Giladi, MD, MS
Arin Greene, MD
Arun Gosain, MD
Steven Haase, MD
Aladdin Hassanein, MD, MMSc
Dominic Henn, MD
Gwendolyn Hoben, MD
Timothy Johnson, MD
Bernard Lee, MD
Christina Lee, MD
Justine Lee, MD, PhD
Loree Kalliainen, MD
Adam Katz, MD
Timothy King, MD, PhD
Jason Ko, MD
William Kuzon, Jr, MD, PhD
Giorgio La Scala, MD
Janice Lalikos, MD
L. Scott Levin, MD
Howie Levinson, MD
Yusha (Katie) Liu, MD, PhD
Hermann Lorenz, MD
Zeshaan Maan, MD
Donald Mackay, MD
Susan Mackinnon, MD
David Mathes, MD
Prakash Mathew, MD, MBA
Babak Mehrara, MD
Shaun Mendenhall, MD
Stephen Miller, MD, MPH
Moein Momtazi, MD
Rogerio Neves, MD
John Persing, MD
Meenakshi Rajan, MD
Timothy Rankin, MD
Christopher Runyan, MD
Michel Saint-Cyr, MD
Katherine Santosa, MD, MS
Kenneth Salyer, MD
Graham Schwarz, MD
Erika Sears, MD
Omar Selim, MD
Pundrique Sharma, MD
Ronald Silverman, MD
Geoffroy Sisk, MD
Alison Snyder-Warwick, MD
Danielle Sobol, MD
Joseph Talbet, MD
David Tang, MD
Peter Taub, MD
Melanie Urbanchek, PhD
Anne Marie Wallace, MD
Robert Walton, MD
Erin Weber, MD
Edwin Wilkins, MD
Alvin Wong, MD
June Wu, MD
Kevin Zuo, MD

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June 18 5:00PM CST / 8:00PM EST
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