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Collaboration Type: Collaboration
Collaboration Title: Breast Cancer Coordinated Care (BC3)
Date Available: March 1-3, 2018
Location: Grand Hyatt, Washington, DC
Description: This multi-day meeting taking place March 1-3 will offer presentations and panel discussions on a number of currently important topics in the local treatment of breast cancer including oncoplastic surgery, the role of prophylactic mastectomy, the state of partial breast irradiation, intraoperative radiation therapy, timing and indications for post-mastectomy radiation, neoadjuvant chemotherapy and its role in restaging breast cancer, nipple-sparing mastectomy both therapeutic and prophylactic, treatment of breast cancer in a previously augmented breast, the status of MRI screening for breast cancer, the effects of reconstruction on the delivery of post-mastectomy radiation, and the evolving role of alloplastic materials in breast reconstruction. Attendees will hear different models for coordination of breast cancer from major centers across the USA. They will also hear arguments for and against treatments such as nipple-sparing mastectomy in the patient with breast cancer and the timing of reconstruction vis-a-vis post-mastectomy radiation therapy. The meeting’s intent is not only to educate the faculty and attendees about the wide range of options available for breast cancer coordinated care, but also to encourage the development of more standardized treatment strategies and protocols in the local treatment of breast cancer. For more information, please visit
Contact: Nicole Park