Plastic Surgery Research Council
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Primary Lab Contact
Name Brian Gastman, MD
Title PI
Phone 216-444-2501

Laboratory Depts of Immunology, Plastic Surgery, Head and Neck and Taussig Cancer Institutes
Lab Location Cleveland Clinic Learner Research Institute
Cleveland, OH 44122
Lab Category Tumor Immunology/Cancer Biology
General Lab Setup 3-5 people depending on time of year
Lab Facilities This is a state of the art laboratory with on site COREs, animal facilities and all aspects of needs of a basic science laboratory.
Animal Facility Yes (All types, including surgical suites)
Type of Research Immunology, cancer research We have two main focuses: 1) Studying how Bcl-2 family members prevent senescence during cancer chemo/radiation resistance as a prelude to small molecule inhibitor drug development; 2) Tumor immune evasion developing novel immune based strategies to treat cancer (e.g. melanoma) through prevention of cancer induced CD8+ suppressor cells. Minor focuses include developing tumor derived tools to prevent autoimmunity and vascularized composite tissue allograft rejection.
1. Investigator's Name Brian Gastman
Project Title Investigating the role of Mcl-1 in tumor chemotherapy resistance and immune escape

Grants NIH-RO1
Opportunity for Student Degree Program Yes, depending on level of staff  
Research Fellowship Available Yes
Funding Available NIH, RO1; Cleveland Clinic intramural support
Educational or Prior Experience Requirements Funding available for researchers: Potential intramural funding, rest depends on status of federal funding  
Additional Details Research Fellowship Available: Currently looking for funded fellows or residents for these positions