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Primary Lab Contact
Name Raymund E. Horch, MD
Title Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c.
Phone 49-9131-85- 33277

Laboratory Laboratory of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Lab Location Department of Plastic and Hand Surgery, University Hospital of Erlangen, University Erlangen-Nuernberg
Krankenhausstrasse 12
Erlangen, D-91054 Germany
Lab Category Clinical Outcomes Research
Fat Grafting & Stem Cell Research
Microsurgery/Flap Physiology
Tissue Engineering
Tumor Immunology/Cancer Biology
Wound Healing
General Lab Setup 3-6 scientific assistants; 8-10 medical assistants; 3-5 technical assistants; about 10 doctoral students
Lab Facilities cell culture facility, optical/inverted microscope, fluorescence microscope, video microscopy/life cell imaging, histology/immunhistology facility, microsurgery workstations, Protein/RNA/DNA analyses, flow cytometry, MRI/CT/x-ray imaging
Animal Facility Yes (rat, mice, sheep, pig)
Type of Research Tissue engineering (bone/muscle/nerves/soft tissues), cancer research, blood-/lymphangiogenesis, EPC, regenerative medicine, stem cells, small/large animal model
1. Investigator's Name Raymund E. Horch, MD
Project Title see
Brief Description Tissue Engineering of vascularized bone and muscle tissue, AV-loop model, endothelial progenitor cells, Angiogenesis, stem cell research, vascular cell communication via gap junction channel in the context of angiogenesis

Grants DFG, ELAN, IZKF, EKFS, Emerging Fields Initiative, Dr. Fritz Erler Fonds, Industry, University Hospital of Erlangen
Opportunity for Student Degree Program Yes  
Research Fellowship Available Yes
Funding Available on request
Educational or Prior Experience Requirements Academic study of medicine/veterinary medicine/biology or similar