Plastic Surgery Research Council
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Primary Lab Contact
Name Russel Holmes
Phone 646-888-3212

Laboratory Zuckerman Research Building
Lab Location Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
419 E. 68th Street, Room 427E
New York City, NY 10065
Lab Category
Lab Facilities Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; includes access to multiple core facilities, animal vivarium, small animal imaging and surgical facilities.
Animal Facility Yes (Mice, Rats, Pig)
Type of Research In vitro and in vivo basic science and clinical research in lymphatic biology and lymphedema pathogenesis
1. Investigator's Name Babak J. Mehrara, MD, FACS
Project Title Mechanisms regulating fibrosis in chronic lymphedema
Brief Description Our interest is in determining mechanisms regulating the pathogenesis of lymphedema. Specifically, we are interested in how the adaptive and innate immune systems may regulate fibrosis and lymphatic dysfunction. We utilize several small animal models as well as clinical samples to study these mechanisms

Opportunity for Student Degree Program  
Research Fellowship Available Yes
Funding Available
Educational or Prior Experience Requirements MD or PhD, resident, medical student