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Primary Lab Contact
Name Susan E. Mackinnon, M.D.
Title Professor
Phone 314-362-1275

Additional Lab Contact
Name Matthew D. Wood and Amy M. Moore
Title Assistant Professor
Phone 314-362-1275
Email ;

Laboratory Peripheral Nerve Surgical Research Lab
Lab Location Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
St. Louis, MO 63110
Lab Category Tissue Engineering
Other: Peripheral Nerve
General Lab Setup The basic science laboratories investigate primarily nerve injury and regeneration including nerve transplantation. The lab includes 4 staff members and a lab director, Dr. Wood. The research project will be conducted in the plastic surgery laboratories under the direction of Drs. Mackinnon, Moore, and Wood. Dr. Mackinnon's broad research interests include therapies to treat peripheral nerve injury. Dr. Wood's research focuses on factors affecting successful regeneration through nerve grafts and biomarkers to identify nerve injury and other pathologies within nerve. Dr. Moore’s research focuses on maximizing functional return after partial and complete nerve injuries. Her translational research involves growth factor delivery, electrical stimulation and numerous surgical models (including supercharge nerve transfers) to enhance nerve regeneration and function.
Lab Facilities 2000 sq foot laboratories with confocal microscope, cell and tissue culture, computerized histomorphometry, electron microscopy and fluorescent microscopy analysis muscle function evaluation, serial fluorescent imaging of peripheral nerve .
Animal Facility Yes (Small and large animals)
Type of Research Peripheral nerve repair and regeneration, surgical models of nerve injury, neural tissue engineering
1. Investigator's Name Peripheral Nerve Surgical Research Lab
Project Title Peripheral Nerve Research
Brief Description The Peripheral Nerve Surgical Research Lab group offers many opportunities for research projects on various topics related to plastic surgery. A project will be designed with the trainee prior to his/her acceptance to the lab. Projects which align with the research interest of the group are given preference.

Grants NIH R01 The effects of GDNF on peripheral nerve regeneration
Opportunity for Student Degree Program no  
Research Fellowship Available Yes
Funding Available NIH, Private foundations, Departmental
Educational or Prior Experience Requirements Medical student, resident  
Additional Details Full assessment of credentials required; Minimum 1 year commitment to lab. Trainees with external salary support will be given preference.