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Primary Lab Contact
Name Stephen Colbert, MD
Phone 573-882-2275

Laboratory Plastic Surgery Laboratory
Lab Location Division of Plastic Surgery
One Hospital Drive, Room M349
Columbia, MO 65212
Lab Category
Lab Facilities The main Plastic Surgery laboratory facilities are located in the University of Missouri Medical School, continuous with the University Hospital, with the Division of Plastic Surgery offices located on site. The University Laboratory Animal Facility is conveniently housed in the same building. The labs are fully equipped for research varying from animal microsurgery to cell culture and molecular biology. University Core Facilities include Cell and Immunobiology Core, DNA Core, EM Core, Informatics Core, Molecular Cytology Core, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Core, Proteomics Center, Structural Biology Core, and Transgenic Animal Core, all located in close proximity. The University is also home to the most powerful university research reactor and the International Institute of Nano and Molecular Medicine. Animal research is supported by the University School of Veterinary Medicine, and the University is strongly encouraging of interdisciplinary and interdepartmental reseach, as well as technology transfer and translational science.
Animal Facility Yes (All types, Including small and large animals)
Type of Research Tissue engineering, micosurgery
1. Investigator's Name Stephen Colbert, MD
Project Title Construction of a tissue engineered, fully biologic Schwann cell nerve tube
Brief Description This is a joint venture with the Department of Physics utilizing a unique cell culture bioprinting technique to create a 3-dimensional nerve graft with a central lining of Schwann cells. Other research interests include microsurgical techniques. Future interests include vascularized composite tissue engineering and incorporation of nanophysics into plastic surgery translational science

Opportunity for Student Degree Program no  
Research Fellowship Available
Funding Available Varied, currently internal funding
Funding Available from Supervisor: Partial internal funding available; students and fellows strongly encouraged to seek additional funding; external funding currently being sought
Educational or Prior Experience Requirements Bachelor's degree or equivalent with prior basic science research experience; additional experience with histology and immunohistochemistry appreciated