Plastic Surgery Research Council
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Primary Lab Contact
Name Lifei Guo, MD, PhD, FACS
Title Chair of Department of Plastic Surgery
Phone 7817445760

Laboratory Laboratory of Tissue Regeneration
Lab Location Lahey Hospital & Medical Center
31 Mall Road
Burlington, MA 01805
Lab Category Clinical Outcomes Research
Fat Grafting & Stem Cell Research
Microsurgery/Flap Physiology
Wound Healing
General Lab Setup 2 (1 technician, 1 Senior Scientist)
Lab Facilities Molecular Biology and Cell/Tissue Biology
Animal Facility Yes (basic Research)
Type of Research Wound Healing, tissue regeneration, stem cell therapy and cell-free therapy with extracellular vesicles.
1. Investigator's Name Lifei Guo, MD, PhD, FACS

Grants AAPS, CIMIT, Regensis Corp.
Opportunity for Student Degree Program yes  
Research Fellowship Available Yes
Funding Available AAPS, CIMIT, Regenesis Inc., Viaderm Inc., Harvard Catalyst
Educational or Prior Experience Requirements Prior molecular biology and tissue culture experience preferred  
Additional Details Assistance with visa requirement: Yes