Plastic Surgery Research Council
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Primary Lab Contact
Name Lisa Hoffman, PhD

Laboratory Laboratory for Molecular Regeneration
Lab Location Surgery-Brain Institute
5812 S. Ellis Avenue
chicago, IL
Lab Category
Lab Facilities Complete molecular engineering and biophysics laboratory with multimodal optical imaging, cellular electrophysiology, full range of molecular spectroscopy, with small animal microsurgery, optical and radiotracer imaging, FTIS tissue perfusion, peripheral nerve spectral electrophysiology, Class 100 Tissue Fabrication, MRI and PET imaging facility, 90 Teraflop Cray computer for modeling molecular biomechanics associated with major trauma.
Animal Facility Yes (Rats, Rabbit, Pig)
Type of Research Clinical focused bioengineering and biomaterials research. The major focus is development of synthetic chaperones to induced regeneration of physiologic form and structure to cells which have been damaged by trauma.
1. Investigator's Name Raphael C. Lee, MD, ScD, FACS
Project Title Development of Molecular Chaperones to Augment Post-injury Cellular Repair
Brief Description This is a well established multidepartmental interdisciplinary basic translational research laboratory that aims to develop novel strategies to regenerate cytomolecular structure following major trauma. Many previous MDs and PhDs research fellows have gone on to leadership roles in universities through the country. There are several focused projects that have the potential to significantly impact clinical practice.

Opportunity for Student Degree Program Yes (but will require 3-5 years)  
Research Fellowship Available Yes
Funding Available
Full Funding Available: Yes
Educational or Prior Experience Requirements MD or PhD with background in quantitative sciences preferred