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Primary Lab Contact
Name Eric J. Stelnicki, MD

Laboratory Cleveland Clinic Florida Research Center
Lab Location Cleveland Clinic Florida Research Center
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Lab Category
Lab Facilities Fully staffed molecular biology lab
Animal Facility Yes (mice, rats)
Type of Research Craniofacial molecular biology and scarless fetal wound healing
1. Investigator's Name Eric J. Stelnicki, MD
Project Title Scarless fetal wound repair/Homebox Genes. Homeobox Genes in Craniofacial Development
Brief Description Analysis of homeobox gene activity in adult and fetal wound healing/ and in Craniofacial developmental anomolies

Opportunity for Student Degree Program MSc  
Research Fellowship Available Yes
Funding Available 2 separate sources
Full Funding Available: FULL funding available. (Amount: $30 - 35, 000/year)
Educational or Prior Experience Requirements Other requirements: Prefer General and Plastic Surgery Residents