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Primary Lab Contact
Name Timothy A. Miller, M.D.
Title Professor, UCLA Div. of Plastic Surgery
Phone 818-891-7711 x 7325

Laboratory Plastic Surgery research Laboratory
Lab Location VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System
16111 Plummer Street, Bldg 7, Rm C5-2
North Hills, CA 91343
Lab Category
Lab Facilities Facilities include the Animal Biology Section laboratory, the Molecular Biology Section Laboratory and the Bone Cell Physiology Laboratory, housed in building 7 at the Sepulveda VA Campus. Together, these laboratories provide over 2500 square feet of research space. Equipments include two Lamina tissue culture hoods, two CO2 tissue culture incubators, two -80oC freezers, one Real-time PCR machine, one Nikon inverted photomicroscope [phase contrast and fluorescence capabilities, connected to a computerized digital image analysis system (BioQuant)], one mCT scanner (Scanco Medical), one quantitative imaging system (for chemiluminescence). Adjacent VA Core facilities include FACS analysis and histology; a fully accredited animal research facility is housed in building 103. UCLA core facilities are also available, including Microarray analysis.
Animal Facility Yes (rabbits)
Type of Research Bone and Skin Tissue Engineering using Novel Bio-scaffolds.
1. Investigator's Name Timothy A. Miller, MD, Professor, UCLA Div. of Plastic Surgery
Project Title Bone Tissue Engineering Using Mineralized Collagen-GAG Scaffolds
Brief Description Our research is focused on bone tissue engineering. We are comparing the ability of various biomaterials to support new bone formation in a rabbit cranial defect model and searching for the elements that are responsible for bone inducing activity of certain biomaterials. We are also investigating the molecular mechanism underlying the difference between 2-D and 2-D cultures in supporting new bone formation. We are currently expanding the lab's investigations into wound healing and bioengineered skin replacements..

Opportunity for Student Degree Program no  
Research Fellowship Available Yes
Funding Available VA Merit Review
Educational or Prior Experience Requirements Other Requirements (i.e. background, MD degree, etc.) Please specify: Prefer prior cell culture/molecular biology experience.