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Primary Lab Contact
Name Russell R. Reid, MD, PhD

Laboratory Laboratory of Craniofacial Biology and Development
Lab Location University of ChicagoIL
Lab Category
Lab Facilities Tissue and cell culture. Modern facility for wet lab research (molecular biology, genetics, immunohistochemistry). Flourescence and light microscopy. Large and small animal surgical facilities. Adjacent core facilities for micro-CT scanning and confocal microscopy.
Animal Facility Yes (small animals (eg, mouse))
Type of Research Craniofacial Biology, Tissue Regeneration
1. Investigator's Name Russell R. Reid, MD, PhD
Project Title By arrangement
Brief Description Our research includes evaluating the osteogenic effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields on mesenchymal stem cells and osteoprogenitor cells. We are also studying the use of a novel self-assembling peptide as a carrier scaffold to deliver osteoprogenitor cells and factors (eg, BMPs) to calvarial defects. In addition, we are interested in the role of the RANK-RANKL-OPG axis in physiologic cranial suture development as well as suture development in patients with craniosynostosis.

Opportunity for Student Degree Program no  
Research Fellowship Available Yes
Funding Available Federal, Foundations, Departmental
Funding Available from Supervisor: no
Full Funding Available: no
Educational or Prior Experience Requirements Premedical, medical student, resident  
Additional Details We work in conjunction with the University of Chicago Molecular Oncology Laboratory run by T. C. He, MD, PhD