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Primary Lab Contact
Name Anand Kumar MD, FACS, FAAP
Title Chairman, Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Phone (216) 844-4780 & #8236;

Additional Lab Contact
Name Vicki Rainey
Title Executive Secretary, Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Phone (216) 844-4780 & #8236;

Laboratory The Wald Plastic Surgery Research Laboraotry & Clinical Outcomes Research Team
Lab Location Case Western Reserve University, 2085 Adelbert Rd
Pathology Buidling B30 Wald Plastic Surgery Laboratory
Cleveland , OH 44106
Lab Category Clinical Outcomes Research
Tissue Engineering
Other: Plastic Surgery Education, Gender Diversity
General Lab Setup The Wald Plastic Surgery Research Laboratory is staffed with a full time research assistant or research fellow and a multitude of Case Western Reserve University Medical Students 3-5, in addition to two dedicated PGY2 plastic surgery residents during their required research block.
Lab Facilities The Wald Plastic Surgery Research Laboratory of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Case Western Reserve University, directed by Dr. Anand Kumar, has 1800 square feet of bench and laboratory space and is located on the basement floor of the Pathology Building of Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine. The laboratory is fully equipped and contains one 80C freezers, one 20C freezers, walk in cold room access and a 4C chromatography refrigerator, two biological safety cabinets, four fume hoods, incubators, a thermocycler and electrophoresis equipment. In addition, the laboratory has a dedicated small animal microsurgery operating room. This room is set up with all supplies and instruments needed for the surgeries including three state of the art operating microscopes (one dual-head, floor mount and two single-head table mount; Zeis) enabling microsurgery with a range in magnification from 5x to 65x. We also have shared access to refrigerated centrifuges, a Bio-Rad IQ5 quantitative thermocycler, a liquid nitrogen storage system, darkroom with film processor, confocal microscope, radioisotope storage, scintillation counters, cell culture facilities, and a phosphorimager. Additional core facilities include a flow cytometry analyzer, flow sorter, ELISA plate reader, immunohistochemical staining facilities, and histopathological tissue processing and staining. The laboratory is also equipped with safety devices like eyewash and shower. Support space comprises a lounge and break room, men's and women's toilet, shower and locker rooms plus 2 offices. Other facilities accessible to this project include: (1) the Flow Cytometry Facility for FACScan and sorting, and (2) Microscopy Core housing a suite of confocal, fluorescence, multiphoton, and live-cell extended time-lapse systems.
Animal Facility Yes (Large Animal (porcine), Rodent (mouse, rat))
Type of Research 1) Clinical Outcomes Research Team - Economic analysis of the open payment system, evaluation of 3D cleft lip/palate, rhinoplasty surgical simulation, outcomes in gynecomastia, microtia, orthographic surgery, cleft and craniofacial surgery. 2) Basic Science Translational Research Team - Evaluation and further development of a muscle derived stem (MDSC) cell model for the treatment of volumetric muscle loss(VML) and critical sized bone defect healing using MDSC mediated bone healing, evaluating the effects of brain death and VCA MDSC viability.
1. Investigator's Name Anand Kumar MD
Project Title Human Muscle Derived Progenitor Cells are Capable of Regenerating Vascularized & Functionally Polarized Bone in a Novel Critical Sized Cranial Defect Translational Model.
Brief Description Evaluation of MDSC mediated bone and muscle healing in a humanized translational model.

2. Investigator's Name PI James D. Reynolds, Collaborator Anand Kumar MD
Project Title Targeting Microperfusion to Improve Vascular Composite Quality and Allotransplantation Outcome
Brief Description US Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity RT150014 supported research evaluating novel methods of VCA stem cell viability preservation.

Grants The Wald Plastic Surgery Research Grant is generously supported by the Dewayne Greenwood Richey II Endowment, The Wald Family, DOD CDMRP grant, Plastic Surgery Foundation, ASMS, ACPA, the Rainbow Circle of Friends, the Rainbow Foundation, and the Save A Smile Foundation.
Opportunity for Student Degree Program Applicant Specific  
Research Fellowship Available Yes
Funding Available Applicant Specific
Educational or Prior Experience Requirements Successful and qualified applicants will be highly motivated, affable, self driven post graduates, medical students, and surgical residents in plastic surgery or other allied specialties. A minimum of 1 year of research experience in basic science and clinical outcomes research is preferred including familiarity with statistics (SPSS or other program), research design, grant writing, microscopy, cell culture, and basic histology.