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Primary Lab Contact
Name Indranil Sinha
Title Instructor, Harvard Medical School
Phone 617-525-7360

Website http://
Laboratory Skeletal Muscle Regeneration Laboratory
Lab Location Brigham and Women's Hospital
Thorn Research Building, Rm 1112
Boston, MA 02115
Lab Category Wound Healing
Other: Skeletal Muscle Regeneration
General Lab Setup
Lab Facilities Facilities for small animal surgery, biochemistry and molecular biology, tissue culture, confocal microscopy, and flow cytometry.
Animal Facility Yes (Mouse)
Type of Research Skeletal Muscle Regeneration, Stem Cell Biology
1. Investigator's Name Indranil Sinha, M.D.
Project Title Use of skeletal muscle progenitor cells for volumetric muscle loss
Brief Description Volumetric muscle loss (VML), which involves a segmental loss of muscle and associated structures, often associated with trauma, can significantly impact patients quality of life and limit ambulation. This project attempts to improve recovery following VML injury by utilizing extracellular scaffolds and flow cytometry isolated skeletal muscle progenitor cells, both from mice (Sherwood et al., Cell 2005) and humans (Castiglione et al. Stem Cell Reports, 2014).

2. Investigator's Name Indranil Sinha, M.D.
Project Title Role of hypoxia signaling in poor skeletal muscle regeneration in a murine model of T2DM.
Brief Description Clinical studies have demonstrated the patients with type 2 DM experience profound muscle loss as they age. This project evaluates mediators of hypoxia, including prolyl hydroxylase, and their role in inhibiting skeletal muscle regeneration.

Grants Departmental Funding, Industry Funding
Opportunity for Student Degree Program No  
Research Fellowship Available No
Funding Available Partial from NIH, Departmental, Industry
Educational or Prior Experience Requirements MD or PhD. Must be familiar with basic moledular biology techniques (Western blotting, PCR, etc). Experience with mouse work, flow cytometry, and tissue culture preferred.