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Primary Lab Contact
Name Chan Yeong Heo
Title MD, PhD
Phone +82-31-787-7222

Laboratory Biointegration Research Laboratory
Lab Location 82, Gumi-ro, 173 Beon-gil, Bundang-gu,
Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
Gyeonggi-do, 463-707 Republic of Korea
Lab Category Clinical Outcomes Research
Fat Grafting & Stem Cell Research
Microsurgery/Flap Physiology
Tissue Engineering
Wound Healing
Other: Biointegration of Medical Devices
General Lab Setup
Lab Facilities
Animal Facility Yes (
Type of Research Biointegration refers to the interconnection between a biomedical device and the recipient tissue. In many implant devices, the lack of proper biointegration can cause device failure and potentially serious medical problems. This review summarizes the recent progress in surface chemistry, drug delivery and antifouling methods to improve the biointegration of implants. Much progress has been made as our understanding of biological systems and material properties expands and as new technologies become available. This article addresses methods of enhancing biointegration by means of modifying implant surface chemistry and by drug-delivery approaches.
1. Investigator's Name SM Kang PhD. DS Cheon MS.
Project Title Cosmetic material & Research
Brief Description

2. Investigator's Name SY Nam PhD,, BH Kim. PhD., EH EUn MS., BH Shin PhD. Candidate
Project Title Drug Delivery & Fibrosis Suppression Research
Brief Description

3. Investigator's Name JH Shim, PhD., SJ Kim PhD Candidate, JU Jeong PhD. Candidate
Project Title Development of Biocompatible materials
Brief Description

Grants Bsiointegration Research Institute is offering one-year faculty research fellowships to surgeons entering academic careers in plastic surgery. The fellowship is to assist a surgeon in the establishment of a new and independent research program.
Opportunity for Student Degree Program International fellowship, MS & PhD Program  
Research Fellowship Available Yes
Funding Available Research funds with stipend salary
Educational or Prior Experience Requirements Contact to Lab Director.