Plastic Surgery Research Council
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Primary Lab Contact
Name Paul Y. Liu, MD
Title Lifespan Chief of Plastic Surgery
Phone (401)444-5871

Additional Lab Contact
Name Xiao Tian Wang
Title Senior Research Scientist
Phone (401)444-9949

Laboratory Plastic Surgery Research Lab
Lab Location Multiphasic Building/Rhode Island Hospital
Providence, RI 02903
Lab Category Fat Grafting & Stem Cell Research
Tissue Engineering
Wound Healing
General Lab Setup Two senior research scientists, research assistants as funding and space allows
Lab Facilities Fully-equipped tissue culture facility, molecular core, access to imaging core, microsurgery facility, complete surgical suites.
Animal Facility Yes (primates, goats, sheep, rodents, rabbits, canines, pigs.)
Type of Research Wound healing, gene therapy, tissue engineering, mathematical modeling
1. Investigator's Name Paul Y. Liu, MD
Project Title Mechanism of Action (MOA) for hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Brief Description Translational study utilizing an IPA-identified nexus gene central to hypoxia response in diabetics undergoing HBOT.

2. Investigator's Name Paul Y. Liu, MD, Philip Maini (OXford), Helen Byrne (Oxford)
Project Title Mathematical modeling of diabetic wound healing
Brief Description Careful measurements of healing diabetic wounds allow the derivation of ODEs specific for epithelialization and wound contraction. Predictive model utilizing PDEs is next step.

3. Investigator's Name Sarah Frommer, MD, Micki Ciombor, PhD, Paul Liu
Project Title Viability and expansion of lin- MSCs derived from human adipose tissue
Brief Description Tissue engineering applications of adipocytes harvested in various ways

Grants NIH COBRE pilot RIH Start up funds Philanthropy
Opportunity for Student Degree Program MSc or PhD  
Research Fellowship Available Yes
Funding Available PSEF, Industry
Educational or Prior Experience Requirements BA, MD, PhD